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Kim Edwards has been a glass artist since 2003. While she has always loved art in all its forms, at the first moment she worked with molten glass she knew she was hooked.

Kim finds her greatest inspiration in the medium of glass itself. She loves the challenges inherent in glass and that every time she turns on a torch she learns something new. This provides an endless variety that she finds fascinating, and she enjoys that many days this very variety will lead her down a new path to a color or shape she had never thought to try before.

Since 2009 Kim has been creating chainmaille jewelry using borosilicate glass. Each link is hand formed in the flame and is attached to the larger piece. The entire piece is then kiln annealed for strength and durability.

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What is lampworking?

Glass bead making is an art that had its beginnings in ancient Egypt, when beads were created using ground glass packed into a mold. In the middle ages, glass beads were created using oil lamps, and though the technology has since improved, that method of glass bead making is still known as “lampworking”. Because of the handmade nature of lampworking, each bead is a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Handmade lampwork beads are made on a metal rod called mandrels. A glass rod or cane is held into a flame and the molten glass is then wound around a mandrel. The bead is shaped or smoothed by rotating the mandrel through the flame and then designs with other colors are added to enhance the bead.

After the handmade lampwork glass beads are made, they are then put into a kiln to heat all parts evenly and then allowed to cool slowly to reduce the stress in the bead. This is called annealing and it is a necessary part of bead making.

Once the bead is cooled it is removed from the mandrel. The beads are now ready to be incorporated into a beautiful piece of jewelry such as the pieces displayed here.

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